Mold infestations are not to be taken lightly; there are many negative effects of mold that can pose as long-lasting threats.  While there are some circumstances in which mold damage cleanup can be a simple fix taken care of by general household cleansers, there are many cases in which a certified mold remediation specialist is necessary to guarantee that mold has been completely eradicated from the property. Mold remediation services are pertinent in ensuring the safety of all occupants of the property after the discovery of a mold infestation. The presence of mold in the home creates hazardous living conditions and lowers the air quality. Mold is one of the leading causes of asthma, and for those who already have asthma, mold intensifies and worsens the condition.

Mold Remediation after Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a major cause of mold infestations that will require mold remediation services. Below are some signs that can help you stop water damage in its tracks before mold is able to develop:

  • Peeling tape joints – the tape that holds the drywall together starts to peel off
  • Stale odor – this is especially so in the basement
  • Dampness (must have mold remediation procedure)
  • Loose shower tiles – depending on the level of damage, the tiles can be easily removed when the damage is extreme
  • Discoloration on the walls or ceilings, sometimes can occur on both

Professional Mold Remediation Services

When left beyond 48 hours without any mitigation, wet floors and wall surfaces are likely to develop mold, and the building might even suffer from severe structural damage due to the pressure of the infiltrated water in the walls and floor of the building. Any water damage in the house needs to be repaired immediately to prevent the infestation of mold, which poses a major health risk, and to prevent further structural damages. Calling a professional to address your mold infestation is the best choice you can make. The servicemen at Water Damage Squad are equipped with the latest technology  and tools when it comes to mold remediation. In addition to possessing the tools to get the job done right, they also implement preventative measures guaranteed to keep mold from returning from your house for up to ten years! If you find mold in your property or notice signs of water damage that could lead to a mold infestation give the professionals at Water Damage Squad a call at (267) 728-4054. Our restoration specialists are on call 24/7 and ready to assist at a moment’s notice.