Restoration Services Tyler State Park Newtown, PA
A gorgeous shot of Neshaminy Creek taken at Tyler State Park in Newtown. This creek is one of the culprits behind flooding and water damages in Newtown, PA.

Running through Newtown, PA you can find both Newtown Creek as well as Neshaminy Creek and while both these bodies of water add to the beautiful atmosphere in Newtown, they also contribute to the need for adequate water damage restoration services. Being so close to numerous bodies of water increases the likelihood of flooding as well as mold infestations in properties in the area. To help restore damages as well as keep mold infestations at bay Water Damage Squad provides extensive water damage restoration services in Newtown, PA.


Restoration Services in Newtown, PA

All of the restoration services offered here at Water Damage Squad are available 24/7. We know that disaster can strike at anytime and leave you wondering what move to make next. That move is calling Water Damage Squad. We’ll arrive to your property promptly and immediately begin the restoration process before any of the damages have the chance to worsen.

Choose Us For Your Newtown, PA Restoration Needs!

  • In Business for Over 14 Years!
  • Available 24/7, 365 Days a Year!
  • In a hurry? Response Times as low as 40 Minutes!
  • Prompt, Courteous Technicians with Years of Experience
  • Advanced Software and Techniques for Efficient Services
  • We Work Side-by-Side with Insurance Companies & Claims Adjusters

When you choose Water Damage Squad for your water damage cleanup and restoration services in Newtown, PA you are guaranteeing that your property will be handled with the utmost care and respect. At Water Damage Squad we strive to provide the most fantastic restoration services all while keeping a smile on your face, and some money in your wallet. No matter what type of service or when you need it, never hesitate to call Water Damage Squad in Newtown, PA.

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